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Experience the urban, anew!

VASY is an urban navigation application that combines artificial intelligence and
psychological factors to anticipate the future of mobility and to offer users the chance to
discover a territory differently.

Our project aims to create new algorithms and technologies for the urban mobility of
tomorrow, and pave the way towards a more sustainable and inclusive city.

VASY is driven by a team of young experts who, through a comprehensive Research and Development program, endeavor to make significant contributions towards addressing the pressing challenges of climate change. Collaborating with the renowned Epsylon laboratory, the team draws upon cutting-edge scientific data to devise innovative solutions for sustainable transportation.

Three specific features for one App


An optimized navigation tool

Suggesting different roads when going from point A to point B taking into account the psychological factors and situational constraints of the user.


A catalog/itinerary designer

Pre-established itineraries are offered, allowing users to create and market their itineraries to the community. Everyone can become a city guide of their own city!


A geolocated social network

User participation in territory discovery and involvement in content development with the possibility of sharing multimedia content on a map.

Whether you are a resident, a visiting tourist, or a newcomer, embark on a journey of discovery and unearth the city’s hidden treasures, transcending the conventional tourist routes and uncovering the distinct and lesser-known facets of the destination.

Envision a metropolis that caters to the requirements of women, the elderly, and individuals with reduced mobility. Through thoughtful urban planning and design, we create a city that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Visibility regarding the number of steps taken and the energy expenditure (calories) incurred.
Additionally, access to daily recommendations tailored to the individual’s profile is provided.

An assembly of perspectives, a convergence of insights, and the collective approach to exchanging thoughts on favorite locations allow one to paint a vivid picture of the city through their eyes.

Exhibiting our community’s rich legacy, fostering local enterprises’ growth, and highlighting cultural events, our platform empowers users to actively participate in the responsible utilization of our regional landscape.

Join the revolution! 

Join the revolution! 

Join the revolution! 

Join the revolution! 

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